Create your dream vacation with Juicy Miles Award Booking Service

  • Do you have the miles or points for your trip of a lifetime but can’t find any award availability on the dates you want to travel?
  • Are you frustrated by the “no award space found” error messages when searching for award itineraries online or over the phone with the airline agents?
  • Are you confused about the allowable routings, partner connections, and stopovers?
  • Need help with Round-the-World, open-jaws, or stopover award bookings?
  • Are you able to find economy class seats but can’t seem to snag those lie-flat business class seats or First Class Suites?
  • Do the airlines want you to take inconvenient connections extending your travel time by several hours?
  • Is the award mileage cost much higher than you thought it would be?
  • Do you have mileage or points across different programs and don’t know how best to consolidate them for the ticket you want?


Leave all the hassle to our team

  • We will help you find your ideal award seats on the dates you want, even when the airlines tell you that there is no availability.
  • Our expert teams know the rules inside and out for all major mileage programs and currencies.
  • We will ensure you get the highest value for each mile you redeem. We constantly book FREE first and business class mileage seats on the world’s best airlines that would normally cost our clients over $15,000 a ticket. You don’t need to redeem your miles on the airline that you earned them and you can mix and match!
  • Our experienced team will handle every aspect of the booking process – from contacting the airlines, to building your itinerary, to facilitating any required mileage or point transfers. Let our team use our extensive knowledge of airline partnerships and routings to get you where you want to go, in the cabin you want to fly, on the dates you want to travel, and at the mileage prices you expect to pay!
  • We speak five languages including English, French, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. Feel free to fill out the request form in any of those!

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