Terms & Conditions

We charge a flat $125 per person for the first two travelers and then $100 per person for each additional traveler. The price is fully inclusive, no matter how difficult or complex the booking may be (besides RTW trips*) and includes advice and assistance with any required mileage transfers.

We shall not be liable for failure of travel service provided by the booked airline and we do not guarantee or insure the services to be provided by any supplier, the financial position of such suppliers or the reimbursement to you from any loss experienced as a result of the financial condition of such supplier. In the event that a airline defaults prior to providing the service to you for which payment has been made, the sole recourse for refund shall be with the defaulting supplier, from insurance covering such defaults if any or from other responsible third party.

In those situations in which a supplier defaults prior to providing services you may pursue any recourse against the supplier for refund, which may be permitted by law or statute.

Except as expressly stated herein, Juicy Miles LLC assumes no responsibility for actions relating to travel services beyond the control of Juicy Miles LLC or its employees. Juicy Miles LLC is not responsible or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, nonperformance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may be occasioned through neglect, or default or any other act or inaction of any supplier of Travel products. Juicy Miles LLC shall not be liable for any change in schedule or equipment, which occurs subsequent to payment for such service.

Juicy Miles LLC acts as a service bureau that provides value added service to consumers for booking their award travel. Juicy Miles LLC has no control over and assumes no liability for the actions of the airlines from whom it books the itineraries. Juicy Miles LLC receives no compensation or kick-backs from the airlines.

Once tickets have been issued there may be a penalty involved for mileage refunds. If you choose to cancel your trip we will provide advice on the best way to request a mileage refund and the cheapest way to redeposit those miles. However, we cannot issue any refunds for the fees charged for our service. Each itinerary can take hours for us to prepare and it would not be fair to refund those fees because you’ve decided to change your plans. Additionally, if you decided to change your destinations we would love to assist, but a new booking fee will be charged.

If payment is made by credit card, a 3% fee will be charged to account for the fee passed on to Juicy Miles LLC by PayPal.

Please contact request@juicymiles.com with any questions on our T&Cs.



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